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The Team Experience

The team experience ministry is a group of disciples bound together, through Jesus Christ and committed to a shared goal.

T ogetherness (Mark 6:7)

E mpowerment (Acts 1:8)

A ccountability (Hebrews 18:17)

M entoring (Matt 5:12; Luke 6:12-13)

During a Walk, there are many people serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. Some will be very visible to the pilgrims while others work quietly in the background to support the pilgrims, and the team.

Team members are chosen from among persons who actively support the Emmaus movement and who practice the Emmaus method. Teams should represent those who seek to live a life of piety, study, and action; who know the value of a support group for living in grace as an accountable disciple; and who are active church members. Teams are generally made up of 1/3 new members, 1/3 experienced members, and 1/3 senior members of the community. This mix allows for continuous development of servant leaders and also the inclusion of new members.

There are many jobs to be done during a weekend. To learn more the roles team members will be asked to fill, Click on Team Roles. If you are interested in serving on a team, please complete the Team application form and return it to the address indicated on the form.

Team Application

Team Responsibilities

The roles and assignments for each team will be available here prior to the weekends. Please Click on “Men’s Team” or “Women’s Team” for a quick overview of who is doing what.

About Us

The Walk to Emmaus is a once in a lifetime experience designed to inspire, challenge and equip local church members for Christian Action, and Discipleship in their homes, churches, communities and places of work. ...Read More.


You might say Heart of Florida Walk to Emmaus began April 15, 1999, with HoF men’s Walk #1. But of course the story begins long before that. ...Read More.


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