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Walk to Emmaus

Empowering leaders to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Application for Team Membership

Previous Team Experience (Check all that apply)

Please Note: All fees for the weekends must be paid prior to the weekend. Your Leadership team will give you more specifics about dates for payments. However, a deposit of $75 is required with the application. Mail checks to the HOF - Emmaus Registrar.

Heart of Florida - Walk to Emmaus Team Member Covenant Agreement Heart of Florida - Walk to Emmaus operates in spirit of humble self - surrender, as well as open charity, while striving toward a unified team ministry through which the love of God in Jesus Christ is freely shared with the Pilgrims attending their weekend. As a member of the team I agree to make every effort to fulfill the obligations given to me by the leadership of the weekend (The Lay Director, Assistants, and Spiritual Director).

I will gladly present myself as a “willing servant” not only during the weekend but also at each team meeting. I understand that my attendance at the team meeting is an integral part of building a Christian Community within the team that will work together as the “hands and feet of Christ” to serve the pilgrims. Attending all the team formation meetings is a sacrifice that is expected to be met by all members of the team. Please discuss with leadership if there will be a time you will be unable to attend a training. (Also be aware that the Saturday training day is equivalent to 8 hours of the team training) Financial sacrifice is also required.

Every team member must be willing to make the sacrifice of paying his/her way on the Walk. Full payment should be completed prior to Team Dedication. If you need financial support as a team member, please contact your reunion group, sponsor or congregation for assistance. You may pay in full or in installments of the rest due the 1
st, 4th and 7th weeks of Team Formation.

The remainder $75 of the $175 fee is due and payable prior to the weekend. If necessary payment can be made at Send-Off on Thursday evening of the weekend. This will go up to $200 after March 26th 2020.

Once I accept to work on a Team, I pledge to:

  • Pray for the weekend (Team and Pilgrims)
  • Freely accept any/all assigned tasks
  • Attend all team formation meetings
  • Dedicate myself to providing the best weekend experience possible for the pilgrims.
  • Remember the Walk is for the Pilgrim and my focus is on their experience.
  • Keep the weekend a secure environment for the pilgrims. (This includes refraining from the use of cell pones and cameras during the weekend by all team members)

I have read the above discussion and agree to follow the guidelines as a Team member on the Heart of Florida Walk to Emmaus.

“Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem. They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them;”